How Steadfast Thought Can Change Your Life.

I learned one way to overcome the effects of abuse was to change the way I was thinking. Child abuse garbled my thinking, made me think I was not as good as others. To overcome this, I needed to rethink who I was. I was not bad and deserving of the abuse I got. The abuser had the problem, not me.

Steadfast thought is another way to describe focused thought. There is a slight difference between steadfast and focused. Steadfast is unwavering, where focused is purposeful. So what I want to discuss here is purposeful, unwavering thought, or thought with a purpose. 😊

I discovered this was a powerful tool that I could use to change my life. Everything that happens is preceded by a thought. My finger doesn’t even move unless I think it into action. So, I’m going to talk about thinking into action the good life.

I spent many years wallowing in my mental pain before I discovered that was what was causing my life to spiral out of control. One day I decided I needed to wallow in something that would make my life better. At this point, it was important for me to learn how to identify myself correctly to change my experience.  I had to stop seeing myself as someone who was not strong enough or good enough to change my life, to someone who was strong enough and good enough to change my life. This is how I defined who I was.

I first had to define God, as he is the source of all being. If I equate God to the sun and his creation to the rays emitting from the sun, all unique and individual, then I started to see that the rays do not exist without the sun, and without the rays, there is no sun. The same analogy can be applied to the ocean. Without all the drops of water, there is no Ocean. To be an Ocean, it requires drops of water. They are interdependent, and I began to see my relation to God. God and his creation are dependent on each other for their very existence.

With that realization came the understanding that I was a very different kind of person than I previously thought because now I understood that I was an expression of all God’s good qualities because I was his offspring, like a ray of light from the sun, or a drop of water from the ocean. This realization was the beginning of the change in my life. Understanding who I was and where I came from made all the difference. Now, I had to put that understanding into action.

I had previously had the mistaken impression that I could be flawed. That there was something wrong with me. If that were true, then I would have to admit that God was flawed, and I knew that was not true. I had to bring my human thought (consciousness) into harmony with my spiritual (consciousness), Gods creation. I had to become one with God in consciousness and express all his loving qualities. If I could identify myself correctly and hold my thought steadfastly on this corrected identity long enough to make it a part of who I am, in this experience, then the emotional and mental pain I was experiencing would diminish and, in my case, the mental pain vanished.

God thought up our spiritual existence, and we create our experience here through our thought, what we believe and understand. As our understanding evolves, it changes our experience here.

Guard your thought.  Hold it steadfast on the good the enduring and the true and you will bring these things into your experience. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and hold steadfast.

If you are suffering from emotional or mental pain, I hope this blog helped. If you have questions, please ask. Just remember you are strong enough and good enough to overcome all the obstacles in your life. God did not intend his creation to suffer. All we need to do is rethink who we are. You are not a flawed, battered child, you are a wonderful, strong creation of God’s. Know that, understand that and change your life. It changed mine.

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