“And God said, Let there be Light:”

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Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

Genesis 1: 4, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

Light has a lot of definitions. The ones that apply here have to do with spiritual enlightenment. Darkness is an absence of light, an absence of understanding, and God is here to lead us out of the darkness, to show us who he created us to be.

As I was learning about God, I could see that he did not intend his creation to suffer. It does not make sense that anyone would create something and then allow it to suffer. He brought the LIGHT. So why was it I got caught up in all the turmoil that is going on in my life? Because of the choices I made. I choose to let it disturb me. I didn’t want to see this as a choice, but it was.

I Love the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. He was a good enlightened person, but that didn’t prevent him from being cast into the lion’s den, but it did shut the mouths of the lions. He was not disturbed because he knew his inseparable relationship to God would protect him.

Finding the light does not mean that I will not experience challenges in my life. When we are in a dark room, it may appear to be very nice, clean and orderly and decorated with nice things, but when the light comes, that is when you see it for what it really is.  The walls need paint, there were cobwebs all over, the furniture was shabby and worn, and it was anything but clean and orderly. It was not until I started to emerge from the darkness and see the light that I realized how much work I had to do to clean out my mental closet. There were times when I thought it would be easier to just crawl back in the darkness, but I didn’t.

I had to think hard about all this. I did not think a good God would create anything other than good. God brings the light, and in doing so, we see the darkness that we need to overcome. God makes peace, and in doing so, we see the evil we need to overcome. He doesn’t create the darkness, but he brings the light so we can see past the darkness. He shows us the peace, so we know what we are working for, so we have a goal, a reason to overcome evil. He does all of this for us, for me. He wants me to have Peace, but it is up to me to work for it. It did not come easy for me, it was a long hard battle, but I won. My blogs show the lessons I learned along the way.

When I was a child living with the abuse, I managed to find some peace amid the chaos. I would hide in my closet until I felt calm and safe and peaceful. When I was at my grandparent’s farm, I would go down the lane, behind the barn, and sing to the cows. They liked that and would come over and stand there and watch me as long as I sang. This is where I found peace as a child, but as an adult, it is not a place, but a state of mind where I find peace.

I know bad things are going on in the world, but I also know that God will not leave me in a bad place. God is our guide, and when the time is right when the world has seen the light, he will right the wrongs. God does not step in and fix things for us. It is our responsibility to step up to the task. A good person will pray for his guidance, and he will give them the ideas they need to correct the situation. This is the way it works and why it takes time. If we let the natural course of events take place, they will adjust to the side of Good, this is the nature of being. Gods work is already done, and he is waiting for us to see the light and correct our course. He will give us nudges along the way if we are listening for his guidance we will hear “the still small voice.” See my earlier blog on “Instincts, Intuition and the Still Small Voice.”

Our world is full of chaos, and I learned that I could not ignore it, but I needed to conquer discord in my own thought first, overcome fear, anxiety and anything else that would stand in my way of expressing God’s qualities. I needed to love my neighbor, that is where we find Peace, Immanuel or “God with us.” If everyone would do that it would make the biggest difference in our world.

Everything starts with one person, and it ripples out from there. If I start will you get on a ripple and help me spread world peace? Each one of us makes a difference. Every little bit each individual does to find peace in his/her own life is a step towards saving the world, so let your LIGHT shine, the world needs you.

Matt. 5: 16   Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

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