With God, Avoid Perception Deception

God’s creation is complete; nothing can be added to it or taken from it.  I find that it is evolving in my thought and experience, like a flower opening and revealing one Petal at a time. If I am listening, He always gives me the right ideas at the right time, so I can take the human footsteps needed to do His will.

If I believe what I see with my eyes, is all there is, I am deceived into believing a lie about God’s creation, just like in years past people were tricked into believing that the earth was flat and the center of the universe. This is not all there is. If I look beyond my eyesight, I can behold what God created, the truth about His creation. Those things that I cannot see are what hold our world together. Things like love. The truth is so simple, and yet so easy to miss because sometimes I am so busy looking with my eyes instead of aligning my thought with God’s spiritual creation.

It states in Genesis that God gave man (a generic term meaning mankind) Dominion, which means power, control or authority, over His creation. He gave man, whom he created, the ability to do his will, to see past this world to His creation. I needed to stop seeing what I conjured up as creation, close my eyes, and envision God’s creation, those beautiful things I cannot see with the eyes. When I get that set in my thought, then I can open my eyes and see the beauty of his creation here.

Understanding my spiritual identity makes it easier for me to conquer the discords I face here in this material world. When I look out my office window and see the sun shining and the beautiful green trees swaying in the wind, I know this is a reflection of God’s creation. “And God saw everything that he made, and behold, it was very good.” Gen. 1:31.  I have found that if I align my thought with the Christ, things in my life change. That is when I experience daily, so-called, miracles.

I do not think of miracles in the same way most people do. I have learned that miracles are the natural effect of connecting with my Creator. I have been learning to experience these natural effects in my daily life, in all the little events, not just the extraordinary almost unbelievable incidents.  

I can see God’s creation here through the evidence of things not seen, the evidence of love. As in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy kingdom come. They will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven.” Matt. 6:10.  I can see heaven here on earth; the evidence of love, when I do His will, instead of allowing myself to be tricked by my eyes into believing evil is part of God’s creation. It is not.  It does not mean that evil things are not happening here, they are just not part of His doing.

When bad things happen that are out of my control, what is important is how I respond to them. If I respond correctly and see them through a spiritual lens, that is what makes God’s creation show up in my life, and I avoid being dragged down in the mire of human experience.

In I Kings 19:11-12 it is written, “And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

When I listen to that voice, it helps me get past unpleasant situations unscathed. Yes, I may lose belongings or even a loved one, but it does not have to destroy me. I can rise above those things and come out a better person in the end. That is what I strive for daily, not just in the big things but also in all the trivia of life.

If I try to help some poor homeless soul, that does not mean I accept that condition as part of their true reality, it is not. I try to help them rise above the belief that is the only choice they have. If they could get a glimpse of their true identity as God’s image and likeness, their circumstances would naturally change for the better, as mine did, and small wonders would occur.  God’s plan for us is not sorrow and desperation but love and fulfillment.

Here is an example of one little thing that happened to me when I listen to God’s advice on how to see his creation. In his creation, everything is in its right place, nothing can be lost. Well, that being said, once I lost one of my favorite earrings. I looked everywhere. You know how it is when you lose something special to you. You tear your house apart looking. Finally, I heard that little voice in my head saying, let it go, you are trying too hard. Turn it over to God. I did just that. I put it out of my head completely, I let go of any feelings of loss or self-recrimination and went on with my day in peace.

Two days later, I was standing in my driveway talking to a neighbor when I saw something shiny sparkle in the sunlight and looked down, and there was my earring in a crack in the driveway. Thank you, God! 🙂

When I live my life in harmony with what I perceive as God’s goodness, these things happen. Coincidence, happenstance, luck, I do not think so, little things like this are happening too often in my life.  I believe God created man and the universe to harmonize; all things come together for good.

When we see things that are wrong in the world, we need to reverse that picture; we need to see it the way God created it. Now, one person doing that might not bring about a change, but if thousands of people did it, a change would take place, so let us be one of a thousand. It has to start somewhere, so let it begin with us. We need to create a ripple effect. Do not be deceived by your eyes, close your eyes, and adjust your thinking, then open them and see the wonders and harmony of God’s creation.

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