Have no Fear; God is with you.

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I know this is a scary time for many people, but there is always hope. For those of you that can’t go into work, make use of this time at home to contemplate your relationship with God.

Common Sense is a powerful tool; use it. Jesus never advocated testing God. You wouldn’t stand in front of a moving truck and declare God would protect you. Do you remember the old “joke” about the man in the flood? The water was up to the windowsills, and a boat came along, he declined the ride saying God would save him. Then the water was up to the second floor, and another boat came along, he once again declined for the same reason. Then when he was on the roof, a helicopter came along, and he once again declined. Then he drowned, and when he got to the pearly gates, he asked God, why didn’t you save me? God replied, well, I sent two boats and a helicopter.

Use your common sense; don’t be foolish be wise, don’t be fearful be wise. I am taking all the necessary steps to protect my body, but not out of fear, out of wisdom, and to protect those around me.

The following is written from a spiritual point of view, what God created, not from a material, human point of view. This kind of thinking is another form of protection.

Jesus showed us how to combat the belief in contagion. He even touched the leprous man to assure him it was not contagious, and nothing to fear. That knowledge healed leprosy. Not only is it not contagious, but it also does not exist in God’s spiritual universe.

If it doesn’t exist in the spiritual universe, then what I need to pray for is a deeper understanding of God and my identity as His image and likeness. That understanding is what heals. God is ever-present divine Principle, Love, and I am (we all are) the image of all that He is. I reflect all His attributes. Knowing and understanding that removes fear and brings the healing, protecting power of divine Love.

It is easy to react to the suggestion of contagion when it is consuming the news. Material law suggests I give up my God-given dominion over evil and accept sickness. I choose to take a stand against it based on God’s laws and refute the claim and know I cannot be made to believe a lie about who I am as God’s child. I will then be healthy no matter what I am exposed to according to material belief. God is the only power and I live in spirit, knowing that has changed the material world around me. Jesus proved that many times.

It is our God-given right to conquer contagion based on the laws of God. I know that you may not grasp these concepts yet but think about them. I learned to put more faith in God than in matter, and it has paid off many times. Sickness has no place in God and can have no place in his image, God’s perfect idea.

If I contract an illness, I will hold to the ideas above, not allow fear in, keep my thought on who I am as God’s idea, His image and likeness, and if I never give up, and have no doubt, I will survive.

I understand this is not easy, but what can it hurt. Nothing! The possibilities of demonstrating God’s allness and Goodness are well worth the effort. Do not let the claims of the material world have power over you, Rise above them.

I received the following from an anonymous source who said it could be shared. I loved it, and so I’m sharing it with my readers. It is in the form of questions.

Grow your”treasures of Truth and Love” with a spiritual sense of “sanitizing”, “social distancing”, and “quarantining”. 

“sanitizing”: Am I cleansing my thought, scrubbing away the fearful and false beliefs of disease, and wiping away any acceptance of material and medical so-called laws? Am I admitting into consciousness only pure and healthy thoughts that come to me as the Christ-idea voicing good and only good?

“Social distancing”: Am I “distancing” myself from the carnal mind’s hypnotic reports (suggestions) of confusion, dread, fear, and chaos? Am I claiming my true identity as the perfect child of God, wrapped safely in the arms of Love, constantly protected from any false sense of separation and harm?

“Quarantining”: Am I quarantining myself in Christ Jesus’ closet (Matt. 6:6) where I can shut the door (on fearful, anxious suggestions) and pray to my Father in secret knowing that He will reward me openly? Quarantining in “the secret place of the most High” (Ps. 91) “under the shadow of the Almighty” where there is “no evil” and where no “plague [can] come nigh [my or anyone else’s] dwelling”?

It became clear to me that I (and we all) have the Divine right and Divine authority to answer all of these questions in the affirmative. I will endeavor to exercise that Divine authority. Please join me!”

My love and prayers go out to the world. Bless you all.   Michele

2 thoughts on “Have no Fear; God is with you.

  1. Just wondering. I just read two of your articles and I really like them. I was wondering if you study Christian Science, because I was raised as a child in Christian Science, and it sounds a lot like it.


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