God is the Author of Us.

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Thirty-five years ago, I was firmly set in this material world. God, who was that? He never did anything for me, and my life was a disaster. I felt that way because I did not understand who I was as His image and likeness, His spiritual idea. I thought I was powerless to do anything about my life. It was what it was. But I discovered that as God’s idea, I had the strength and power to turn my life around. I was not a weak mortal, but a spiritual idea, reflecting all God’s qualities. Life is like a big puzzle, and we are putting each little piece in place as we begin to understand. This is life unfolding, and this piece of the puzzle helped me turn my life around.

God had already made me who I am, and I am complete. I need to constantly be aware of that reality unfolding in me. To listen and be aware of God’s consciousness. For in Him I live and move and have my Being. If I do it right, I see His creation from His perspective. I do not look up to Him, I look out from Him, and doing that I see His creation embraced in pure Love.

God’s spiritual creation is finished, but it is unfolding in human thought. As we learn and begin to understand who we are as God’s idea, we start to reflect His qualities. Our divine purpose is to give back to God what He is. Be His reflection. Like the Sun sends out rays, not little suns, God’s creation is individual reflection, not little gods. God is the only cause, and man and the universe is the only effect.

God’s creation may be a little hard to grasp while we are going through a global pandemic. Some blame God and think He sent the pandemic, while others do not understand why He is not taking it way. This is not God’s creation; from God’s point of view, we are His spiritual ideas, not subject to any material thing. That is what we are trying to understand. When we do, we will see this material creation in its true light, and discover it is spiritual, harmonious, and joyful, never suffering from a pandemic.

‘The realization that all inharmony is unreal brings objects and thoughts into human view in their true light, and presents them as beautiful and immortal.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 276:12–14)

It will take all mankind, undivided, all in one and one in all, to see this universe as God created it. In the meantime, we can individually work on our own space, family, and friends while praying for all mankind. What we do and think ripples out into the world and is felt by others. So, I am careful to put out there only the beauty and peace of God’s creation. Though I do make mistakes, I try to fix them quickly.

I read something recently about an author and his creation, his story, his book. As the author, the characters in his book are his creation. The characters do not think or do things; the author’s mind unfolds the ideas that create the story.

God and His idea, His reflection is inseparable, like an author and the characters in his book. God gave us character and individuality, as the author does. God sees to it we have all that we need every moment, as the author supplies his characters with everything they need. God’s creation is forever preserved, eternal, and immortal. When the author publishes his book, each character if forever preserved, eternal, and immortal. Are you getting the analogy here?

When we understand that we live in God’s creation, we cannot lack anything or experience anything except what God has created, and He creates only good. The word God is a derivative of the word good. God is good and good is God. If I hold my understanding of God’s creation, steadfast in thought, I can bring His creation into my consciousness and get a glimpse of it here and now. That is when change takes place.

Understanding God’s creation is not easy, it has taken me many years to reach the point where I am today, and I feel like I am still in kindergarten. There are times when I know I have grasped a piece of the puzzle. It is hard to put in words how it feels the moment you know you get it. At that moment I feel I am transported to a different place. It is those moments that keep me going. If that piece of the puzzle fits, then they will all eventually fit. The desire to understand is what drives me on.

Knowing there is a God does me no good unless I understand logically how He works and how He relates to me. I know that now, but I need to go deeper. That is a big piece of the puzzle, but only one piece.

“… let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;” (Hebrews 12:1 let, 2 to;)

I am learning how to view people in our world differently. I have been able to see past the flawed human picture to God’s good creation. We are all his creation, not just those who appear to be ‘good’ but all of us. Right where our flawed human stands is God’s spiritual idea, even those who appear evil. That does not mean we condone evil deeds. Society needs to be protected from some people. What it means is they have no idea who they are, or they would act differently. Each one of us needs to find our own way.

“Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, pp. 476:32–4)

When we see the characters in God’s book of Life correctly, we see God, as He is and does and thinks.  God writes in His book nothing but eternal joy, peace, and Harmony.

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