Exciting news, I’m going to be on Prayerful Living Internet Radio.

Something exciting is happening for me. Recently I was contacted by the director of Prayerful Living Internet radio and asked if I would be interested in recording my blogs for Prayerful Living. WOW I never even considered that something like this would happen when I started blogging. At first this idea was a bit scary, but I prayed about it and decided this would be the next right step to take, another way to share my blog. My first blog should air Friday the 18th. You can also listen to it the rest of the week “on demand,” on the Prayerful Living home page.

I will get an audio copy of the blog that I could attach to my written blog on my website, allowing readers the option to listen.

The program is called, “Inspiration weekly.”  It airs four times every Friday on the Healing Music station.  

https://www.prayerfulliving.com/healingmusic/   click on Inspiration weekly on the menu bar.

Special programming:
“Inspiration Weekly” a program of talk, prose, poetry and praise.
Broadcast Schedule: Fridays
GMT 900 hrs 1300 hrs 1700 hrs 2100 hrs
Eastern 4 am 9 am 12 noon 4 pm
Central 3 am 8 am 11 am 3 pm
Mountain 2 am 7 am 10 am 2 pm
Pacific 1 am 6 am 9 am 1 pm
AEDT 8 pm 1 am (Sat) 4 am (Sat) 8 am (Sat)
Sydney Australia

I hope you will tune in and listen. You may find other things of interest on the Prayerful Living website also.

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