I am grateful for God’s influence in my life.

I finished my daily tasks and was listening to smooth Jazz while putting together a puzzle when I was suddenly hit with a wave of emotion and broke into tears. I thought, what on earth do I have to cry about. I could not ask for a better life, I have everything I need, love, … Continue reading I am grateful for God’s influence in my life.

Living in God’s Creation

The idea of age and time came to me while trying to decide what to write about next. As we reach our senior years, a lot of us think that our time is coming to an end. Not so! If we accept that into our thought, then we are subject to all that it includes. … Continue reading Living in God’s Creation

Can Spirituality and Science Co-exist?

Before I go into my answer to the title question, I would like to make something clear. I am still learning so what I learn tomorrow could change my understanding of things today. However, my fundamental beliefs will never change. Things might get modified or clarified, but that should be it. I want to thank … Continue reading Can Spirituality and Science Co-exist?

Affirm the Positive, not the Negative.

As mentioned in a previous blog, a mist came up between the two creations in the Bible, the spiritual creation in Genesis Chapter1 and the material creation in Genesis Chapter 2. For this blog, I am going to equate that mist to the daily media, all the negative suggestions that bombarded us from the advertisements … Continue reading Affirm the Positive, not the Negative.

How I define God, and what that means to me

In the beginning, my search for God was more like an intellectual exercise that eventually leads to an emotional response. I can not believe without understanding. I hear a lot of people talking about loving God. What does that mean? How do I love something I can't define? Well, I need to define a term, … Continue reading How I define God, and what that means to me