Hope and Expectation

Audio from PLIR Prayerful Living Internet Radio.https://prayerfulliving.com/healingmusic/inspiration-weekly.html. Many years ago, when I was first trying to change my life, I read many self-help books, and they sounded good, but I was unable to put them into action. I couldn’t seem to make them work for me. I started thinking about Hope. I always saw Hope … Continue reading Hope and Expectation

I am Safe in His care.

“By purifying human thought, this state of mind permeates with increased harmony all the minutiae of human affairs. It brings with it wonderful foresight, wisdom, and power; it unselfs the mortal purpose, gives steadiness to resolve, and success to endeavor.”   Above quote is from Miscellaneous writings 1883-1896 by Mary Baker Eddy, page 204:23-27 I feel … Continue reading I am Safe in His care.

Are you concerned about your Mental Health?

I keep reading all these blogs out there by young people who are talking about their mental health. It saddens me that there are so many people with mental health problems. I never really saw my problem as mental health, at least that was not what I wanted to see. I just kept thinking I … Continue reading Are you concerned about your Mental Health?