Changing my Blog Frequency

For all you regulars, I want to let you know the frequency of my posts is going to change a little. I have been posting every Monday, but in the future, I will put out a new post on the 10th, then 20th, and the 30th of each month. I boost each post through my Face book page, and in addition to those three times, I may re-boost some old ones that had good responses, to see if I can reach some newcomers. Between my Facebook page and my website, I now have over 500 followers. I cannot begin to express what a privilege it is to serve.

I am spending so much time with my blogs; I have not had quality time to spend getting my book published. I finished my book a year ago, and an agent told me my next step would be to get out on the internet and make myself known. I am just finishing my 6th edit and preparing for the next steps. I am going to a marketing meeting this month to find out what those steps are. I never realized getting a book published was so complicated. I am sure a lot of prayers will go into these next steps. 🙂

I hope you all remember that the purpose of my website and blogs were originally to promote my book, which tells about how I used what I was learning about my spiritual identity to overcome the adult effects of child abuse. Abuse is not mentioned often in my blogs now, as it is rarely entertained in my thought.

I have read many books about abuse, and I have never seen one quite like mine. Same story, but I wrote it differently. You will not read graphic details about the abuse, except for the one in the first chapter, as my book is more about the adult affects, and the healing that took place when I discovered my relationship with God. 

I wrote the book and shared my deepest darkest feelings, so others in the same circumstances would know that they are not alone. Some of us go through periods in our lives where we have dangerous, dark, and fearful thoughts, and feel we are awful people. Not true, we are just lost. There were times when I thought I would never have a good life; I was doomed to live in hell. However, if I can get over it, anyone can. I now live in heaven. 🙂

I look forward to sharing more of what I have learned with you.

Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Changing my Blog Frequency

  1. What an exciting step! Thanks for reminding us again of the purpose of your blog and of your book. People can feel helpless and lost, but as you have shown, there is a way out.

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