God’s Gift is Eternal Life

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This second podcast is: God’s ageless quality

“And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.” I John 2:25

Years ago, when the weekly bible lesson was on Life, this was a hard one for me to understand, especially the idea of eternal life. I am going to share what I now understand about eternal life. Many of you may already have a concept of what eternal life is, but I know that reminders are always a good way to keep ideas fresh in our thought.

First, I had to get rid of the idea that this flesh and blood body had anything at all to do with eternal life. It doesn’t. “As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son are one in being.” The Scripture reads: “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” We are one with God.

Any time Jesus used the phrase, “I and my Father are one,” He was referring to the Scripture mentioned above.  As God’s idea, we reflect his life, which is eternal. I know, I know, some are thinking, well what about this flesh and blood body. Keep in mind that though we walk in the flesh, we live in the Spirit, that’s where I live, in Spirit. This body is externalized thought. We are what we think we are, so be very careful what you think. When this body is gone, we still live on in Spirit as God’s idea, His image, and likeness.

I want to talk about unfoldment. This concept helped me to understand. Take a piece of paper, for instance, folded up as tight as you can, and imagine it contains all that God created, and it is spiritual and eternal, it is complete, nothing can be put to it nor anything taken from it. Consider, though we have always been, we are just now coming into conscious awareness and don’t know yet who we are.

Somehow, we managed to get a misconception of who we are, and we misconceive our reality and take on what we perceive as a flesh and blood experience. In this experience, we have a life filled with sin, sickness, and death; this is not God’s creation. Many of us go through this life, making poor choices, I sure made some awful ones.  We become subject to other people’s whims.  We get confused and don’t understand what our purpose is. We develop feelings like anger, hate, and resentment. We are completely lost. This is walking in the flesh. 

Then for some of us, one day, something occurs in our thought, and we begin asking questions. We start searching for answers. This is when the unfoldment begins. One-fold at a time, we begin to discover who we really are. It is like the petals of a flower opening.

“Who am I? I am an individual spiritual consciousness.  What am I? I am the image and likeness of God, a spiritual idea, an expression of the infinite, the reflection of God’s being.

Where am I? I am right here in God’s universe, never outside His presence, control, or influence. Because I am God-centered, I am always in my right place.  Why am I? I exist to fulfill God’s will. To bear witness to what He is, to Glorify Him, to manifest His qualities.  When am I? I exist at this moment, right now, always in eternity, neither past nor future, but in the eternal now!” This is from an old article I read many years ago, titled “Do you know who you are?” I searched but couldn’t find the author’s name.

I discovered the more I kept my thought on the spiritual ideas I was learning the more my life expressed God’s creation. This is how my life unfolded. I became more courageous and less fearful. Life became more enjoyable and less gloomy. My health improved. I became more satisfied and less irritable. I felt safe, secure, and less vulnerable.  I felt less a victim of circumstances and more victorious. My life became orderly and unruffled. I became happy and free. This is reflecting God’s Life, His perfect Creation. This is living in the Spirit. 

The idea of who we are unfolds very slowly from within. Little by little, we discover we are an expression of God, Life. Filled with compassion, we can’t help but reach out to other expressions of God. When we all do that, we will be living in a world of peace and harmony.

We have sensationless bodies, I know that sounds impossible, but think about it. Sensation is a physical condition, and we are spiritual ideas. We have nothing that can experience pain or illness. If we as God’s image think we can sin and be sick that would imply that God could sin and be sick. We can’t die, as that would mean God could die.             

If we are eternal beings, isn’t it wonderful to know that we have eternity to get it right? I would love to think I could get it right this time around, but if not, I can hope to do it in the next experience. But in truth, we are all God’s spiritual perfect ideas already. It’s not something we aim for it’s something that is uncovered as this experience unfolds and we gather a new understanding of the reality that has always been.

When we know our true essence is spiritual and live what we perceive as our flesh and blood existence from that perspective, our life becomes more an expression of God’s creation.  When we leave this experience, we are still a living expression of God, existing eternally with Him, all of us, no exceptions.

Now, I didn’t come to these conclusions overnight. It took a lot of study, research, and deep thought. I made mistakes and still do. I have learned never to berate myself for mistakes, I just correct them. In school, if we made a mistake, we fixed it. We didn’t beat ourselves up over it.

Let the understanding of eternal life unfold in your consciousness, God created man (all of us) to have a blissful happy life, so go out there with the purest of thought and see how your life changes.

I hope this made some sense to you. If you’re having some trouble with it, let it unfold in your thought, give it some time. It didn’t hit me right away either. Remember what Paul said,  “… to be spiritually minded is life…” Rom. 8:6

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